Weston Dransfield

Software & Web Engineer



Created and maintained over 100 ASP.NET MVC views using C#, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for to transform XML generated by the university's CMS. Also met with clients to discuss and analyze projects, then built the necessary page XML schemas and views for their sites.

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BYUI Activities Website Views

Created a collection of custom views and components using ASP.NET Razor C# syntax for BYU-Idaho's activities department. These views allow BYU-Idaho activities personnel to easily maintain their website's announcements, events, and multimedia through a content management system.

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A web application that uses a genetic algorithm to determine the shortest route between a series of user-specified destinations (traveling salesman problem). Optiroute has a backend written in Go and uses the Google Maps API to show the calculated routes.

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You Filter

An application to automatically filter potentially offensive language from popular movie-streaming sites like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Instant Video in a customizable way. Written in JavaScript and HTML.

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A Ruby on Rails application with a React front-end. The application was built to increase the usability of a basic shopping list. It was also developed as a project to learn HCI principles including analysis, desing, and verification.

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A game server that provides a REST API to play a clone of the game Pentago. Created using Ruby on Rails and React.

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Goalie Goal Tracker

An elegant goal tracking application for iOS. Built using Swift.

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Asteroids Clone

This project was built in C++ using OpenGl. It was intended to demonstrate object-oriented design principles (i.e. inheritance, polymorphism , etc).

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Provincial Data Miner

A desktop Java application that scrapes, parses, and sorts information from

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Viking Cams App

Windows 8 app to allow quick access to the various web cameras positioned in BYU-Idaho. Written in XAML/C#

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Data Structures and Sorts

A collection of projects implementing various data structures and sorts in C++.

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